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In this episode, we get to listen in on a candid conversation with Chris Brown, Senior Pastor and Teaching Pastor at North Coast Church, an influential multisite church based in Vista, California. With over two decades of experience in ministry, Chris shares his journey of discovering his unique voice and style of teaching.

Chris talks about his minimalist sermon notes, which consist of only 8 words, and how this approach allows him to better connect with his audience. He also opens up about a challenging moment in his ministry when he considered leaving after an eventful night at Magic Mountain.

As a gifted storyteller and Bible teacher, Chris emphasizes the importance of visualizing and internalizing scripture accounts to tell them as your own story. He uses his sense of humor and motivational style to help people experience the grace and mercy that they have been given, inspiring them to fall more in love with Jesus.

Throughout the conversation, Chris’s passion for equipping people to follow Jesus shines through. He shares his life work and ambition of building healthy and highly productive teams that serve the local church. Tune in to hear more from this dynamic and insightful pastor.

Chris lives in Oceanside with his wife Amy and their three children, and tries to fish as much as his schedule will allow.

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