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To “exposit” is to explain. It comes from the same idea as expose. The idea is that something isn’t being created, but it is being exposed, discovered, explained. In expository Bible preaching, the words and thoughts of the preacher are directed to help people understand the Bible text. Everyday believers can understand the Bible, and one important way the Holy Spirit illuminates the Scriptures is through gifted preachers and teachers.

So, the main aspect of expository preaching is simply to explain the biblical text. We explain its context, words, and big themes. We always look to explain the Bible’s biggest theme: the person and work of Jesus Christ. We explain its promises and gifts, and we explain its commands and exhortations. We explain it in view of the original language and historical context. We explain its practical application and relevance to life. 

David Guzik is the author of the widely trusted and popular Enduring Word Bible Commentary, a verse-by-verse study through the entire Bible used by everyday Christians and pastors, preachers, and Bible teachers. This commentary is available at no cost at the website and the Blue Letter Bible ( David lives in Santa Barbara with Inga-Lill, his wife of 38 years. They have three adult children and two grandchildren.

Resources: – more than 11,000 pages of Bible commentary, hundreds of audio and video teachings, articles, work translated into other languages, and much more. – Live Q+As, Daily Devotionals & sermons from over the years

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