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The Bible holds its greatest meaning and richness when interpreted through the lens of Jesus-shaped goggles, revealing its Main Character and guiding us towards explicitly Christian sermons. It is through this transformative perspective that the profound wisdom of the scriptures emerges, showcasing how each passage, story, and verse converges to illuminate the life, teachings, and grace of Jesus. Nick Cady and Mike Neglia joined forces to lead an enlightening workshop the picturesque setting of Boise Idaho. Their mission was to equip attendees with the tools to deliver Gospel-centered sermons that resonated with the essence of the gospel from any part of the Bible.

Throughout the event, participants immersed themselves in a captivating atmosphere of learning, exploration, and revelation. They learned to discern the gospel’s truth and significance in every page of the Bible, discovering how its messages beautifully interweave with the redemptive narrative of Jesus Christ. With eloquence and expertise, the speakers showcased the power of preaching with authenticity, relevancy, and heartfelt conviction. Participants were encouraged to connect biblical truths with the real-life experiences and struggles of their audience, bridging the gap between the ancient texts and contemporary challenges. The ultimate goal was to point people towards the transformative power of the gospel, urging them to embrace the profound love, redemption, and grace found in Christ. As the event concluded, the attendees left equipped and inspired to proclaim the gospel from every passage, impacting lives and transforming hearts with the eternal truth of Jesus’s love.

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