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Suzy Silk  a deep well of wisdom and thoughtfulness, particularly concerning the Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament, and we are excited for you to listen in on this conversation about the difference between clumsy and sloppy use of the OT to point towards Christ and a more careful, thoughtful and theocentric use of the first half of the Bible that leads us towards the Lord Jesus. 

 Suzy is a Teaching Pastor at Church of the City NYC, a diverse community, with an ambition to see the fame and deeds of God renewed in our time, and to practice a powerful faith that brings renewal to our relationships, workplaces, and neighborhoods. She received her MA in Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages from Jewish Theological Seminary in 2011, and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Hebrew Literature, with a focus in Bible. She is the co-author of Kingdom Vision and Kingdom Values, and the upcoming God You Long For (

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