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This episode features a rare mix of profoundly practical advice for today and keen insight into the ancient history of the church. Dr Gerald Bray speaks with Mike Neglia about how to preach the Psalms as a guest speaker and also some encouragements (and cautions) from the life of one of the early church’s greatest preachers; John Chrysostom,

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John of Antioch, later called “chrysostomos” (“golden mouth”), preached over 600 extant sermons. He was one of the most prolific authors in the early Church, surpassed only by Augustine of Hippo. His example and work has inspired countless Christians through the ages.

In Preaching the Word with John Chrysostom, through a combination of storytelling and theology, Gerald Bray reflects upon 1,500 year-old pastoral wisdom from one of church history’s most prolific Christ-centered preachers. Chrysostom’s eloquent preaching and influence on Christian teaching left a legacy that is still recognized today.

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Gerald Bray is research professor of divinity at Beeson Divinity School and distinguished professor of historical theology at Knox Theological Seminary. He is the author of numerous books and the editor of the Anglican journal Churchman. You can view his books here: read a biographical interview here:

Resources Mentioned:

A Balance of Exegesis, Exposition, and Application – Gerald Bray Presented by Beeson Divinity School and the Lily Endowment Initiative to Strengthen the Quality of Preaching

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