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Wesley has directed a Bible College, lectured in theology, hermeneutics, NT Greek, and many other subjects. He is also the teaching pastor at Bayside Church’s Davis campus. During his career as a pastor, Wesley has also produced a podcast and authored several pieces on the subjects of mental health and suffering. 

Wesley began teaching on his high school campus after inviting fellow students to a bible study, and since it was his idea, he was elected to teach. That first lesson was about suffering from the book of Acts. It wasn’t his initial plan to be a teacher or pastor, but a few weeks after that first bible study, Wesley heard God calling him to teach. It was a pivotal moment in life and changed the course of his future. 

God has taken Wesley and his family through various trials over the years. Welsey now focuses on speaking, teaching, and writing about mental health and suffering. It’s so important that pastors understand who they are, where their struggles are, and when they need a break. Failing to maintain your mental health is failing your congregation. Wesley takes us through his journey and how God has helped him to endure and flourish. 

Wesley currently lives in Davis, CA with his wife Kara and chihuahua Lucy. An active runner, Wesley tries to run 5-6 days a week on his treadmill while reading the bible (wow). 

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