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OICA Inductive Bible Study Method
• Observation
• Interpretation
• Correlation
• Application

Observation Assignment
1. Circle all the references to God
2. Draw a box around all other characters in the text
3. Underline the action words
4. Give a sequence of numbers to the divisions of the text; usually based on each individual action
5. Find words that need to be defined
6. Ask questions of the text
1. Culture
2. History
3. Context
7. Answer the questions listed above

Interpretation Assignment
1. Find the major point(s) of the studied text
2. Paraphrase those points
3. List the supporting arguments, details, or clarifications given to support the main points

Correlation Assignment
1. List correlating verses to the main points made out of the given text. Make sure that you explain how the correlating verse ties into the main verse.
2. Does the correlated verse support, add, contrast, or illustrate the original text?
3. Summarize the use of correlation for the audience

Application Assignment
1. Does it give examples to follow?
2. Does it give sins that need to be forsaken?
3. Does it list errors that need to be avoided?
4. Does it give a promise to believers?
5. Does it give commands to obey?
6. Does it describe actions that need to be taken?

Illustration Assignment
1. Find one example from your life that illustrates the main point
2. Find one example from modern culture that illustrates the main point
3. Find one example from nature that illustrates the main point