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Conor Berry speaks with Mike Neglia about teaching and preaching the Bible with a pastoral heart that has been informed by formal counselling training. He also speaks about planning out sermon series, the importance of knowing the people that you preach to and sabbath rhythms.

[This episode was originally released in September of 2018]

A sinner saved by grace, Conor was called to ministry in 2001 at Calvary Chapel Bible College. From there the Lord called him to the mission field in Siegen, Germany, where he met his wife, Hannah. After marriage and a daughter, Fae, the Lord led them to plant a church in Bristol, England. There the Lord blessed them with three boys, Flint, Dane, and Otis. After eight years on the mission field, the Lord called them back to their home church in 2015. As the Church Life pastor, he and his family want to exhort the people of the congregation on their faith journey. They want to equip people with resources to help them run the race of faith with spiritual strength and endurance.

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